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2020-12-13 Gothenburg has a bus and tram service. There are 133 tram lines, allowing you to move quickly and easily from one part of this beautiful Swedish town to another. The Gothenburg tram network is perhaps the oldest in Europe, dating back to 1879; in the twentieth century, the horse-drawn trams were replaced by an electrified network. Tourists should buy the Gothenburg pass for discounts on travel Gothenburg IMG 3096 tram at St Sigfrids Plan.jpg 5,184 × 3,456; 7.45 MB Gothenburg juli 2009 (ubt)-001.JPG 3,072 × 1,728; 1.9 MB Gothenburg tram stop.jpg 1,152 × 597; 157 KB By tram . Gothenburg has a famous network of trams, covering most of the city.

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You can check journey details, ticket prices, etc. here. Thank you for travelling with us. Gothenburg, Sweden, has only trams and busses (no underground).

The company has total of 263 trams running on 12 routes (lines) with 132 tram stops (stations) providing local transport from wee hours in the morning to wee hours … Getting around Gothenburg.

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The Gothenburg tramway network is part of the public transport system organised by Göteborgs Spårvägar, controlled by Västtrafik in the Swedish city of Gothenburg. The system's approximately 160 kilometres of single track — making it the largest tram network in Northern Europe — is used by around 200 trams as of 2006, which serve twelve day-time and five night-time lines with a combined line length of 190 km. These figures are expected to increase when the second stage of Explore the archipelago with a tram ticket Gothenburg’s tram network is the gateway to so many great sights and experiences. You can even island hop with a tram ticket.

Goteborg trams

Tommy Tram, Gustaf Dalénsgatan 6, Göteborg

Gothenburg tram. GOTHENBURG, SWEDEN - AUGUST 27, 2018: Blue tram in Gothenburg, Sweden. Gothenburg has largest tram network in Sweden with 160 km of single track. Gothenburg tram network is similar to these public transits: Gothenburg commuter rail, Helsinki tram network, Trolleybuses in Belgrade and more. Göteborg Tram Map near Göteborg.

Göteborgs Spårvägar (Gothenburg Tramways) have set our city in motion since 1879. We are the largest provider of public transportation in the Gothenburg  Göteborg och dess spårvagnar : bilder från 2000-talets spårvägstrafik = Gothenburg and its Trams : a tram cavalcade from the 21'st century - innbundet, Svensk,  THE GS TRAM SITE.
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Goteborg trams

2020-12-13 · Gothenburg has a famous network of trams that covers most of the city. With over 150 km the Gothenburg tram is the largest light rail network in Scandinavia. The network consists of 12 tram lines, 1 to 11 and 13, and every line except no 8 and 13 passes through the main tram stop Brunnsparken ('Well Park'). 2020-09-02 · Arriving to Gothenburg by air: Airport bus from Landvetter Airport to the Nils Ericsson terminal in the centre of Gothenburg.

TRAM PHOTOS. GÖTEBORG / GOTHENBURG. Charming one room apartment in Majorna. Nice small apartment in Majorna.
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Göteborg Tram Streetphoto - Fotograf Ulf Odenspjut / Odenpro

In the beginning the trams were pulled by horses, it wasn´t until the beginning of the 1900´s the trams started going on electricity. It is the city of Gothenburg who owns and run the trams. There are some trams to choose from, number 3, 5 and 9 etc. They are valid on trains, buses, trams and boats throughout Västra Götaland. Depending on how often you travel we have different tickets to offer. Single tickets For you that travels occasionally. Day tickets For tourists or you that make several journeys in a short period of time.